Expat coaching

Working abroad or in an international environment can be a very interesting and rewarding experience but it can also create challenging situations.

International coaching at work


The pressure of time constraints and getting results amplify all the typical problems of integrating in an international environment: problems like misunderstandings,  language difficulties, dealing with a slightly or completely different vision and work culture can easely lead to loss of efficiency and delays in projects realisation, and eventually can increase negative moods and conflicts.

Coaching is proven to be a very effective at work, increasing productivity, communication, positivity and reaches 99% overall satisfaction (see study results on this ICF infographic : why coaching works?)

Coaching can help you deal with many different situations, tipically:

  • getting efficient faster when taking a new position
  • increasing efficiency
  • increasing self-confidence at work
  • improving communications
  • improving the general atmospheere
  • getting a new vision of the working process

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Personal expat coaching