Life coaching abroad

New Life Abroad

Being abroad (or planning a long stay abroad) for professional or personnal reason can be a source of disconfort and sometimes of stress.

Life coaching for expats

In a new and different place, sometimes with a different language, a different culture, new people around, it can be difficult to integrate or simply feel good…

If nothing is done, the adaptation can easely take months, sometimes years, or worse never happen as the pain and feeling of being “lost” or lonely sometimes just make it impossible to stay longer in this place. The trip turns into a nightmare and a personal failure, although  this experience could really be seen as exciting in the first place.

Feeling confortable and adapting to a new life in a different environnement that you didn’t think could exist in “this way” can indeed be challenging…

If you feel like…

  • you lack of confidence in a foreign or international environnement
  • you’re lost or not at the right place
  • you’re not efficient enough in what you do, that you’re not at your best
  • you’re not active enough or not “usefull”
  • there is a “gap” (for ex. cultural) with other people that prevent you to feel confortable in social situations
  • you are not “insert your word” enough for this location
  • you are powerless or ressourceless to reach your goals
  • you don’t really have a good reason to be there or don’t have a real goal
  • a little (or completely) stuck

if one or several of these sentences resonate with you, then coaching may be a good answer for your situation.

Coaching, by the developpement process it creates, is a very efficient way that is going to guide you to overcome these difficulties.

It will not only help you pass the adaptation time faster but it will also help you later turn your experience abroad in unforgettable memories that you wouldn’t give back for anything.

New Life Abroad is a coaching program that will empower you in a massive way, inspiring you to find and explore your best possibilities, guiding you to expand your motivation and helping you determine the actions steps that will help you pass obstacles and reach your objectives in much more efficient ways.

And beyond your initial objectives, you might as well be the actor and witness of unexpected positive side effects in other aspects of you life…

This “journey” in coaching may truly be an amazing turning point in your life…

And it’s up to you to make it happen now :

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